Event name: Beachtour Alkatron open 2019
Venue Mokronog- pri Strelovem turnu
Capacity of the stadium: 600
Number of courts: 2
Number of men’s teams: 12/16 Teams (Main draw/Qualification)
Number of women’s teams: 12/16 Teams (Main draw/Qualification)
Entry Procedure, The teams have to be registered by their National Volleyball Federation via the FIVB BVIS
Seeding: Seeding according to CEV Entry Ranking on the day before the event (Technical Meeting)
Entry fee: 40€  per team in qualification
60€ per team in main draw
Rules of the game: FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules
Official Ball: Mikasa VLS 300
Prize Money: 4.000 € (2000 €/2000 €)
Price Money Breakdown:
1 x 1st Place: = 1.000 €
1 x 2nd Place = 500 €
1 x 3rd Place: = 300 €
1 x 4th Place: = 200 €
Regulations: According CEV Regulation
Competition format: Main Draw: Poole play, followed by single elimination
Qualification: Single elimination
Teams main draw: 8 Teams directly in Maindraw:
• 2 host country
• 1 Team each other MEVZA countries
• Rest according to CEV Entry Ranking
• 2 Wild Cards
Seeding according to CEV Ranking
4 Teams entering from Qualification
Seeding according to CEV Ranking
Teams qualification: 6 Teams (Host Country)
10 Teams other MEVZA countries (1 Spot per Nation guaranteed)
Seeding according CEV Ranking
Any free spots will be distributed according CEV Entry Ranking
Technical meetings: Preliminary Inquiry Qualification (Men & Women)
11. 07. 2019; 9.00; central court
Preliminary Inquiry Main Draw (Men & Women)
12. 07. 2019; 8.00; central court
Qualification date: Thursday, 11. 07. 2019
Main draw date: Friday, 12. 07. 2019
Saturday, 12. 07. 2019 
Accreditation Organizers will provide all Organizing Committee members, Officials, referees, players, coaches, physiotherapists, VIP’s, journalists, technical staff, court personnel, volunteers, etc. with official accreditation cards and will ensure that only those people will access the designated venue areas
Shuttle No
  Contact person:
Simon Štamcar- 00386 40 168 989 
Further information: Uniforms for the teams will be provided in Qualifications and in main draw